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Q. Why would I use a credit broker over searching the market myself?

We have a panel of over 100 lenders that all offer several financial solutions, however, unless you have tons of time (approx. 5 days) to trawl through all of them, whilst outweighing the pros and cons as well as potentially damage your credit score in the process... then be our guest! However, if you would prefer to leave this to an impartial team of experts equipped with the most cutting-edge technology and get on with running your business instead then we can help you.

We take the stress out of sourcing funding from lenders, so you don’t have to! Not forgetting saving you roughly 180 hours of your precious time searching for other lenders.

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Q. How much can I borrow?

This is a variable that will be dependent on the affordability of your business and also credit status. Don’t worry, when speaking to one of our experts they will run through some information with you and help you get the funds you need.

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Q. What rates do you offer?

We currently can offer the following rates per month:

Unsecured Business Loan – From 1.8%
Secured Business Loan – From 1.87%
Bridging Loans – From 0.49%
Asset Finance Loan – From 2.38%
Flexible Facility Business Loan – From 1.1%
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Q. How long does the process take?

We would like to rephrase the question; how fast can you get the documents to us? Once we receive the information requested, we can offer indicatives and discuss budgets which should only take a few minutes. All loans are subject to credit and affordability, we aim to get you your funds within 24 - 36 hours but please take note that any secured loans may take longer.

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Q. What information do i need?

To inquire about a loan through our website we only need some basic information to start with. As your application goes forward, some more details are taken such as reasons for the loan and how it would benefit the business. We may ask for bank statements to assess affordability.

Throughout the process you will be guided by one of our experts so do not worry if you are unsure about what to expect as we will hold your hand every step of the application journey.

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Q. Why do you need to do a credit check on myself ‘director’?

Most lenders will need to check the credibility of prospects, however, if this is an issue, we can always ask the lenders to perform a soft check which will not affect credit – please ensure you specify.

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Q. Does this affect my credit score?

When filling out your application and talking to one of our experts we will not perform a credit check, most of these checks are soft check which will not affect your score. Some of our lenders will require a credit check but will only be done with your granted permission.

You can check your credit score for free by downloading our app here. Please note this will not affect your credit.

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Q. Can you help if I have bad or adverse credit?

Absolutely – we understand as well as our lenders that things can happen beyond your control but the first step is to get in touch and let us know if there are any adverse concerns on your credit file and we can provide you with other solutions.

Also, do not forget, we have great relationships with our lenders so we can potentially negotiate something exclusively for you – the good news is, our lenders are human beings and can take a view on a case by case basis.

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Q. How can I check my credit score and why is it important?

Checking your credit score couldn’t be simpler! We have created our app where you can check your credit for free without causing any harm. Download it here.

It is important to remember that absolutely anyone can credit check your company and see its public credit rating…which is why it is within your best interests to know and understand what is in your business credit report.

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Q. Can I repay early?

Depending on the lender you have decided to go with, some will have a fixed monthly repayment schedule whereas others can be more flexible.

If this is a concern, please tell your lending manager and they will be able to help.

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Q. What are the stages?

Stage 1: Phone call with one of our expert lending managers that are on hand to discuss your particular requirements, as we understand that every single business and situation is unique.

Stage 2: We then use our state-of-the-art matching platform iFunds, can match your business against the thousands of potential options and facilities.

Stage 3: The Think App tenders your application to the endorsed lenders. Lenders with an appetite for your business will 'Bid Up' on your app, driving rates and fees down.

Stage 4: We handle all correspondence and information requests, keeping you up to date of developments during underwriting. We'll ensure you receive your funds promptly and chase lenders on your behalf, so you can get back to running your business.

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Q. How do I know what type of loan is best for me?

We have a team of expert lending managers that are on hand to help discuss your requirements and advise you on what the best loan would be.

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Q. Am I committed to using you if I ask you for a quote?

You are not committed to using us, however, please inform us if the application is no longer something you wish to continue with as we are always busy helping other businesses grow!

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