UK-based business lender and web platform with a difference. Launched in January 2014 with a handful of staff, a bold, new idea and a mission to revolutionize the world of business funding. They had a simple objective: to provide a suite of truly flexible funding options, tailored to your business’ unique needs, and to listen to you – the business owner – to make your funding work for you.

Flexible business loans tailored for you

Their services are available to all UK limited companies and LLPs, with flexible terms that suit you

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Simple 3-step process for quick turnaround funding.

To give you an idea of the APR on a Fleximize loan of £25,000 or below, here’s a representative example: 46.8% APR representative, based on a fixed annual rate of interest of 39.0% and an assumed loan amount of £12,500.00 over 15 months. This equates to monthly repayments of £1,066.11 and a total repayable of £15,991.65.