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Business Loans and Commercial Finance can seem daunting to most, which is understandable with over 200 lenders currently offering some sort of commercial finance, all offering different rates, terms & conditions, and structures.

The rise of the ‘Alternative Lending Market’ has seen a huge influx of commercial lenders rise from the ashes of the 2008 financial crash, and whilst choice is a great thing, it has ultimately resulted in a confusing web of stats and offers, business owners can often be left wondering where to start.

Think's mission has always been to help UK businesses effectively compare business loans and find the right type of funding for them, and with our unique blend of technology and expertise we have helped thousands of businesses find the right funding.

Our knowledgehub was designed to work alongside our tech and ensure our clients understand all aspects of commercial finance. When comparing Bank Loans for Business and Commercial Finance, this allows clients to make the right choice for their business, as we know that no one understands their business as well as you.

Think Business Loans Knowledge hub

Below is further information on some of the different types of lending available to businesses and also includes details of lenders in the marketplace – enhancing your understanding of what may be right for your business.

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