Asset Finance For IT & Technology

Think Business Loans is the go-to finance comparison solution for SMEs seeking business loans. We’re proud of our fantastic reputation for sourcing lenders for small businesses in the UK, and our asset finance comparison platform for IT and technology is no exception! If you’re a software provider looking for asset finance for IT companies, take time to browse our platform to find out more.

We have a huge selection of top-rated asset lenders on our books, which makes it easy to source asset finance for IT companies when you need it.

Business expansion, taking on new hires and simply managing all the operational costs of a start-up or SME can be a real worry for any IT company. This is even more so when you know you need to invest in newer technologies, yet don’t possess the immediate cash flow resources to do so. Asset finance for IT companies is one solution that can help you acquire the software and high-tech equipment at a time that suits you and your business.

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Asset Finance For IT Companies

If you’re a small business owner or business leader then we’re quite sure you’re already aware of the headaches that can occur when technology goes down or stops working as it is supposed to. It’s sad to say these things always seem to happen when businesses are in a growth stage and IT problems can be a sign that your existing infrastructure just can’t cope with the levels of demand and customer interactions and/or external activity that you and your business are currently experiencing. Whether it is a server that’s gone down or your phone system is outdated and is no longer functioning correctly, the expert team here at Think Business Loans can source the asset finance for IT companies that’s most suited to your needs.

Do You Need New IT Equipment Or Software For Your SME?

SMEs often experience problems raising capital to finance IT hardware, software and newer technology; each can seem equally unaffordable and/or unobtainable. You may feel that it would be unwise to risk your entire monthly/quarterly cash flow resources on buying the new technology products that you need, as you are “getting by” with the system(s) that you have. However, it may well be that your entire business could be at risk if you don’t make investments of this nature. We can help you source the asset finance for software or equipment purchases you need, at the most affordable costs.

Are You Struggling To Source The Finance?

Smaller business organisations can struggle to meet the demands of maintaining a modern IT infrastructure, yet handling customers and suppliers effectively often means you have an immediate need for new equipment and software solutions. The drawback to this is that smaller companies, who are constantly evolving internally struggle to finance themselves owing to low profit margins, overall profitability and prospect analysis (especially applicable if they are operating at a loss).

One of the easiest solutions for funding business expansion of this kind is to source asset finance. The asset-based lender panel at Think Business Finance may be the borrowing solution you’re seeking.

What Exactly Is Asset Finance?

With asset finance, lenders will lend your business cash based on the assets already owned by the business. This could be property, vehicles, machinery and equipment, your existing IT infrastructure, or any other items of value that are wholly owned by your organisation. You can also use any of the machinery or equipment used within your manufacturing or production business as assets. Indeed, the assets owned by your business can be from a very broad category and you will discover that asset finance can relate to lending for the purpose of buying new equipment or can be geared towards equipment finance.

The asset lending business is quite complex, as valuations for different assets will vary between lenders. Some lenders specialise in asset finance for just one sector of industry, while other lenders offer asset finance across the entire business spectrum. When you team up with Think Business Finance you have the ability to access a wide range of asset lenders, so you can quickly compare the interest rates available or even opt for hire purchase or re-finance options if you prefer.

Some of the ways you can use asset finance include:

– For new laptops and desktop computers

– To buy essential software needed to keep your business operations up to speed (and in line with competitors)

– New servers to handle your growth and expansion

– For communication and telephone systems

– CCTV installations to maintain the security of your business premises

– To buy new photocopiers, printers or associated equipment

– Retailers can use asset finance for EPOS systems

– Office fittings and furnishings

How Will My Assets Be Valued?

You can expect lenders to offer you about 90% of the market valuation of your assets, which means you will have the available cash to spend on the newer technologies needed to keep your business afloat.

It can be really difficult to deal with business expansion and purchase all the IT equipment and associated software needed for new hires or contract workers. However, when you opt for asset finance from the reliable lender panel at Think Business Finance, you can access the funds you need virtually immediately. This means your cash flow isn’t impacted, you can grow the areas of your business that you need to grow and you won’t be struggling to pay regular operational costs.

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There are lots of different types of asset finance on the market, and the experts at Think Business Loans help you find the lender that’s most suitable for your business requirements at the affordable rates you need. We also offer a variety of different business loan comparisons. So, if asset finance is not the best solution for you, why not check out our lenders for unsecured business loans, working capital loans and bridging loans.

How Can I Access Asset Finance From Think Business Loans?

It’s simple to access the asset lenders at Think Business Loans. To get your application process started reach out to a member of our team. Alternatively, you can get in touch and speak to one of our finance experts and discuss your requirements in more detail on 0203 880 9880.