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  • Challenger Banks

    Challenger Banks are small, recently-created and new to the market retail banks within the UK that do not usually have a high street presence.

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  • Commercial Investment

    Commercial investment is an investment by an individual, institution or a group of investors in a for-profit business which is involved in the buying and/or selling of goods and/or services (e.g. shop, offices or Industrial Unit) with the expectation of generating cash flow.

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  • Commercial Mortgage

    A loan which allows a business to purchase premises from which the business will trade.

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  • High Street Banks

    High Street Bank is a term that refers to large retail banks with numerous branch locations.

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  • Property Development Finance

    Whether you are an experienced property developer, an investor or a first-time hopeful looking to complete their very first development/refurbishment project, then chances are you have thought about, or at the very least researched different methods of property development finance.

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  • Residential Investment

    Residential investment refers to the loan that assists with the purchase of a property e.g. house or flat for the purpose of the purchaser to rent the property out to a third party.

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  • Semi-commercial Investment

    A loan where the target property is a mix of Commercial Premises and Residential Investment.

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  • Unregulated Bridging Loans

    A bridging loan is a short-term secured funding option, mainly used on development and property projects, but is also utilized for business loan purposes.

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