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High Street Bank is a term that refers to large retail banks with numerous branch locations. These banks are major, widespread institutions, such as those found in the main commercial sector of a town/city. As the name suggests the banks are those with a high street presence which include RBS and NatWest, Lloyds and Bank of Scotland, HSBC, Santander, Clydesdale, and more recently Metro Bank.

High street banks offer a diverse range of finance that includes Commercial Mortgages, Commercial and Residential Investment Finance, Property Development Finance, Asset Finance, Factoring and Invoice Finance and International Trade Finance and unsecured loans.

The amount of money the bank will lend you will depend on the type of transaction and their lending policies in different sectors (e.g. the amount of loan available would be different between a manufacturing business and a hotel).

High street banks tend to offer competitive rates but are likely to be slightly more conservative than some of the Challenger Banks and alternative lenders.

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