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Be it an asset purchase, hire purchase, or refinance option. Think Business Loans allow you to compare apples for apples. We find you the best and cheapest options.

What is asset based lending?

Assets can vary from fixtures and fitting, machinery and even IT equipment and software, basically, anything considered an asset on the balance sheet.

Asset based lending allows business owners to finance new asset purchases or refinance/secure loans against their existing assets.

A typical asset lender will work out effecting depreciation and usually offer around 90% of the asset value (for both finance and refinance options).

Asset based lending is a very intricate market, and lenders tend to specialise in certain areas, whether that be construction, or engineering, or hospitality; whilst others position themselves at various pricing tiers. Finding the right lender for you and your requirements is key in keeping your rates low.

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Our technology allows us to match your requirements and your business against our panel of over 50 specific asset lenders. We also have a number of creative and boutique commercial financiers that will take a creative look at niche and unique assets. Our experts will happily talk you through the options, including all the features and benefits of each asset loan and lender. We pride ourselves in matching the right product to the right clients, and asset lending requires a deeper analysis to ensure we are finding you the best rate.

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Case Study

Our Client (an engineering firm) required a new hydrolic press for an upcoming project and contract, whilst at the same time required some working capital for new staff. We found a financer that could not only offer a rate on their new asset of 2.3% over 7 years, but also refinanced an older machine. Freeing up £30,000 in capital. Allowing the client to press ahead (excuse the pun).


  • Asset Based Lending uses the new or existing asset as security for the loan

  • Lenders tend to specialise in certain sectors and assets

  • Great way to fund large machine or any asset purchases

  • Over the 150 asset lenders in the market

  • Refinance existing assets to free up a company’s liquid capital

  • Choosing the wrong type of lender can cost a business more than needed