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Compare the best and cheapest unsecured business loans, products, and rates from our panel over 200 commercial unsecured lenders.

Be it for working capital, an asset purchase, a growth project, or refinance options. Think Business Loans allow you to compare genuine apples for apples. We find you the best and cheapest options for your business across the whole market.

What are unsecured business loans?

An unsecured business loan is a business loan that doesn’t require any physical security. A secured loan uses business assets or business and personal property as its security — this means if things do not work out with regards to repayments, the lender can legally take ownership and sell those assets to re-coup the value of the loan.

With unsecured loans, the loan is underwritten based on business performance and net worth, and its overall ability to repay the debt with cash. The difference between secured & unsecured loans is really all about risk for the lender, which is often seen in the price. Unsecured loans will often require personal or director guarantees (but not all).

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Our award winning technology allows you to search the entire unsecured business loan market instantly with no commitment, obligation, or cost. Think Business Loans compare over 200 unsecured business loan providers, listing out your options in order of eligibility and amount available based on your personal details and circumstances. Our experts are always on hand to discuss any specific offers or requirements, or to talk over your loan options. We even handle the entire process for you. So you can get back to what it is you do best, running your business!

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Case Study

Our Client is a management training academy and e-learning business. They required some working capital to take them through a seasonally quiet period. Our iFunds tech spotted they had existing loans with various alternative lenders. The business had upcoming contracts with a governmental department which allowed us to find a solution that would take that into account. We sourced our client an unsecured loan that enabled us to refinance his existing loans, saving him over £3,000 per month, and also an invoice finance facility willing to lend against the contracts. Keeping his business moving forward.