• The Worlds First Ai Commercial Finance Advisor

    Your New Digital Commercial Lending Assistant

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    Meet CLAIR
  • C.L.A.I.R.

    Commercial Lending Artificial Intelligence Representative

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The Worlds First Ai Commercial Finance Advisor

Your New Digital Commercial Lending Assistant


Commercial Lending Artificial Intelligence Representative


CLAIR is your new 24/7 digital commercial lending assistant, a chatBOT designed for business owners looking to manage and fund their business. Developed by Think Business Loans, she helps business owners access funds and information, that can help them to drive, and manoeuvre their business, based on funding available to them. CLAIR lives within the THINK Funding Platform Universe, and has been nurtured to guide, and advise our clients on all things commercial finance related (and some other helpful life tips thrown in for good measure).
  • Advise on the status of your Apps

    Advise on the status of your Apps

    CLAIR can advise on the status of your current finance applications, and even chase lenders on your behalf.

  • Ask her about the lenders

    Ask her about the lenders

    CLAIR knows it all. Ask her about the features and benefits of the lenders on offer. See which ones really match your needs.

  • Commercial Finance Encylopeadia

    Commercial Finance Encylopeadia

    Try her out. Ask her anything about commercial finance. She loves to show off. Shes’ especially good when talking through accounts

  • Compare Lenders

    Compare Lenders

    CLAIR will let you know the best current rates on the market, what lenders work best for certain scenarios, and more importantly, what your business is eligible for (using our ifunds matching software)

A digital lending assistant, in the Palm of your Hand


CLAIR never sleeps, and she’s always by your side. Ensuring you’re kept up to date at all times, on not only current applications, but also helping you to match your business, in real time, to available lenders and amounts… never miss another opportunity again due to cash flow, or by having to rely on your lethargic old bank.

“Commercial Finance has just been dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st Century”

Your Commercial Finance Encyclopeadia

What CLAIR doesn’t know about commercial lending, and the alternative market, just isn’t really worth knowing. Ask her about details within your offers, conditions of lenders, and even where to find the documents lenders require to underwrite an application. Try her… see if you can catch her out

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The THINK client funding platform allows you to connect your business and then continuously compare and match to the best current business finance options for your business, at any time, from the palm of your hand… without the continuous need to credit check.
Based on real-time, live financial data, combined with third party reach, connecting your bank account, companies house, and accountancy information, we can match your business against over 200 lenders, assessing eligibility, amount and conditions in seconds, allowing you to react to opportunities and unexpected surprises instantly, giving you peace of mind that your business is always financially ready.
You can also monitor the progress of your current finance applications in real-time via the platform, connecting directly with the lenders, ensuring the fastest and easiest underwriting and application process in the market.
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