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THINK have found that combining our technology with trained, qualified Lending Technicians, not only cuts down ‘tendering’ time to under 3 minutes, but allows us to advise clients immediately on all the filtered and relevant options, including detailed discussions around the pros and cons of the different product and facility types…. arming our customer with all the options to allow for a truly impartial and informed decision.

Robo Advisors have been replaced by a newer, more efficient cyborg model in the form of our trained Lending Technicians. Our theory is that it is a full time job to assess the lending market, with new lenders entering weekly, and all offering a variety of products, at a variety of rates, for a variety of businesses; and assessing that market requires a deep understanding of its nuances, trends and of course ALL the products, and subsequently the technology required to complete an effective and comprehensive comparison.

You wouldn’t take your car into a garage and then fix it yourself… why not leave to the experts?

All our lending Technicians are qualified and experienced, and trained extensively to understand the technology and how to assess the cost implications regarding serviceability and the impact on clients profit margins for each eligible option, allowing for a deep analysis and informed decision… and all provided by the THINK team there and then on the first call.

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Kirsten Merritt

Kirsten Merritt

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