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TheThinkApp will assist intermediaries and brokers with access to the technology and support needed, enabling them to automate, streamline and scale their business.

The platform allows brokers to match and fully submit applications directly to the lender, and then monitor the progress of the loans in one place.

One of the biggest tasks for brokers and lenders is collecting all the correct supporting documents for the underwriting process, but this platform allows constant communication throughout the process.

Jamie Stewart, director at Think Business Loans, said: “Our intention is nothing short of re-engineering the world of commercial finance sales, and to well and truly level the playing field by giving each and every intermediary the tools they need to generate real volume-based revenues and grow their brokerages.

“No longer are these fintech tools only available to a pre-determined elite.

“Simplicity isn’t a term that is synonymous with either commercial lending or technology, however, we feel we have genuinely bridged that gap.

“Our software is designed to do the leg work for you, with our iFunds matching technology, you can now advise your clients on over 200 lenders at the push of a button.

“With conditions, rates and eligibility established instantly.”

The platform was developed for existing commercial finance brokers, but it is also suitable for anyone looking to enter the commercial finance market.

You can find more details about the application by downloading the our E-brochure.

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Kirsten Merritt

Kirsten Merritt

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