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Our Industry leading FinTech Platform allows our Lending Technicians to search and compare over 200 commercial lenders and the hundreds of different product types… Finding a match for our clients in under 3 minutes. Allowing the Busy SME business owner to get back to doing what they do best… Running their business

At THINK we have been working tirelessly to bridge the gap between robo-advisor and real life human expertise. So we sent our bods on an expedition to the outer reaches of civilisation (Another name for the IT floor at the offices) and tasked them with building a state of the art, bespoke matching platform that will allow us to search and sieve through the hundreds of thousands of potential lenders, products and combinations and match those against our clients criteria, and credit profile.

At present our THINK App finds a match in 85% of all occasions, which includes new starts and adverse credit clients.

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Kirsten Merritt

Kirsten Merritt

Kirsten Merritt attended the University of Westminster with a bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Promotion. After graduating she became a Marketing... Explore Author