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THINK provides flexible aggregator options for both new and experienced brokers, financial consultants, accountants and IFA’s.

Our Aggregator service is one of the fastest growing in the UK due to both the rates we provide and our state of the art matching FinTech platform and tendering service, that allows you the freedom to choose how you generate revenues and build your business.

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Flexible Schemes to Suit your Business


Choose a scheme that fits. Whether you are newly established, or an experienced commercial or residential broker looking to extend your panel, we have a scheme to suit your needs and tailor our services to every partner. Our options give you the freedom to do as much or as little as you want. THINK have full FCA permissions and whatever your current licence arrangement we can work with you.

Tender to 200 Lenders in one go


Power your brokerage with our FinTech matching platform The Think App giving you instant access to all 200 lenders. Guiding you through the criteria parameters to ensure you only tender to eligible lenders, saving you time and hassle. THINK have the largest panel on the market and have built up some great relationships with our lenders. Take advantage of VIP underwriting channels, preferential commissions rates and a genuine comprehensive and competitive comparison for your clients.

Our Team Work for YOU


Whatever scheme you opt for, the Think Team is there to support your business. Our professional sales team are the highest converters in the industry and are fully licensed to advice your clients where needed. Our Opps team are their to support your tenders, chasing lenders on your behalf and ensuring all documents and requests are swiftly dealt with. Your own dedicated lending manager is on hand to discuss your queries.

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