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Comparison sites are still basically a vague list of lenders. Due to the complex underwriting procedure they cannot be robust, nor comprehensive. Many just offer loose percentages of likelihood… imagine shopping for any other type of product or service and not being sure if that product is even available. How do you even start to make a decision?

By using a combination of data algorithms, logic coding, and over 460,000 combination lines that take into account every aspect of both the lenders criteria and the customers circumstances, providing an extremely detailed and exhaustive result list. This can only be done with a brief consultation, being able to get to the bottom of data points that it’s simply not feasible to collect on an online submission form.

25 minutes per lender or 3 minutes with The Think App?

Furthermore, comparison sites will often leave the client to ‘fend for themselves’, simply offering the same vague list of potential options, and requiring the customer to follow through with their own applications to each lender.

With each application taking around 25 minutes per lender just to pass initial eligibility checks, we have worked out that in order for a business owner to complete a comprehensive search on their own, it would take over 180 man hours.

That’s 180 hours Vs 3 minutes

Think do all the heavy lifting for our clients, saving hundreds of precious man hours, and using our size and buying power to ‘push the queue’ in underwriting with our lenders resulting in speedier results than can be achieved direct or through other ‘smaller’ brokers, and also drive down the rates and fee’s for our clients… We work for the client and not the lender, and strive to find perfect solution in 100% of applications, so you can focus on growing and driving your business, and leave the boring stuff to us.

We are 100% impartial, and unlike other sites or services, do not favour any one lender based on commission values, we are independently audited and regulated by the FCA.

We understand that SME Businesses are the lifeblood of the UK economy, and for that reason alone, we will always champion their rights over anything else.

Give us a try today, and find out in 3 minutes what’s available for your business…

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Kirsten Merritt

Kirsten Merritt

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