THINK are bridging loans specialists. We work with over 40 lenders ranging from boutique and institutional to private and commercial. Our rates start at 0.49% per month



What are Bridging Loans?

A bridge is a short term funding option, mainly used on development and property projects, but is also utilised for business loan purposes. Due to it being short term, interest is worked out monthly, with either no monthly payments or interest only payments and the capital/interest paid at the end of the term of the loan.


  • Terms from 1-18 months
  • Interest Charged Monthly
  • Rates from 0.49%
  • LTV around 75%
  • Exit funding needs to be established

THINK Bridging offers finance facilities for a range of situations, such as:

  • Traditional bridges
  • Buy to Let
  • Auction purchases
  • Refurbishment
  • Development projects
  • Commercial / business property finance

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