Bespoke Working Capital Loans To Suit You

Working capital loans are designed to provide financial aid to those looking for extra help in financing the everyday activity of their business. From paying wages to settling accounts, these loans work a little like an overdraft in that your business can borrow as much or as little as it likes from an ongoing account and pay back what is owed in instalments. You will only have to return payments on what has been borrowed rather than the full amount, so you can truly utilise the financial flexibility it provides to the fullest.

When you compare working capital loans through us here at Think Business Loans, you’ll be given access to a panel of lenders with a variety of different features, rates and eligibility criteria to suit your personal situation. Whether your business has regular income but have hit a low cash-flow period, or you’re a seasonal company who benefit more from public holidays or specific seasons, we will utilise our iFunds matching technology to connect you to the right lenders and loans that you are most likely to be accepted for.

Benefits of working capital loans include:

  • No collateral is required – unsecured working capital loans do not require any collateral, allowing you to keep your business and personal assets secure and without risk of loss.
  • There is limited paperwork – most lenders do not require very many documents from you when applying for these loans, making the process much more streamlined and ensuring you can access funds quickly and efficiently when you need them.
  • You can boost your business credit – by keeping up with payments and proving financially that you are able to meet financial obligations, you can boost your credit score and improve your chances for longer term business loans in the future.
  • Maintain control over your business – don’t let cash flow dominate your business – regain control over your company through working capital loans for the funds that you need.


  • Facilities from 1mth to 5years
  • Monthly Interest Rates
  • Some offer daily, weekly or monthly repayments
  • Secured and Unsecured options
  • Bridging Products available - Pay nothing for 18mths
  • Rates from 1.1% - 6% per month
  • Great for short term borrowing
  • Most popular type of lender, meaning the competitive space can result in cheaper options by shopping around

Why Choose A Working Capital Loans Comparison Company?

When you compare working capital loans through our iFunds matching technology here at Think, you will only be shown lenders that you are likely to be accepted by should you choose to submit an application. Our comparison is non-obligatory and can make the entire process of comparing working capital loans lenders simple.

The benefits of using a comparison company include:

  • Time-saving – by using a comparison service, you can cut down the time it takes to compare working capital loans considerably. We do all of the legwork for you, reducing your searching time from hours to minutes.
  • You could save money – We have over 200 lenders on our panel, all of whom offer competitive rates. You could save money by comparing and ensure that you’re applying for the right loan for you.
  • Convenience – We compile all of the information you need into one neat list, making for an easy, convenient comparison process.

Did You Know…?

  • Did you know that you could get a secured or unsecured working capital loan? Secured loans offer lower interest rates in most cases, but unsecured loans eliminate any risk to business or personal assets.
  • Did you know that capital working loans work like an overdraft? You can borrow smaller amounts regularly and will only pay back what was taken out.
  • Did you know that interest on working capital loans is between 1.1% and 6%? Depending on your business capital, interest could be as low as 1.1% in most cases and only as high as 6% if you have bad credit.

Is There Any Criteria For A Working Capital Loan?

When you compare working capital loans, it’s important to remember that eligibility criteria will differ from lender to lender. While we cut out the frustration for you and only list lenders you’re likely to be accepted by, understanding the eligibility process can help put your mind at ease.

Most lenders will determine your eligibility dependent on your business’ current financial situation. If you have high turnover during seasonal periods or proof of successful repayments of other business loans in the past, your chances of being accepted could be higher. Businesses with bad credit aren’t automatically exempt, however.

A number of lenders will take credit history into account when making their decision, but much of their decision will be based on an affordability check. If they take your company’s income details and determine that you’ll be able to comfortably afford the repayment amounts, you could be accepted regardless. Please note, however, that you may receive a higher interest rate than advertised in order to make up for any risk the lender is taking on as a result of accepting your application. You could also be offered a shorter repayment period than requested or a lower loan amount, though this is at the discretion of the lender themselves.

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What Are The Alternatives To A Working Capital Loan?

When looking to compare working capital loans, it may be worth considering that there are alternative business loans available on the market that may bet better suited to your situation.

Bridging loans offer a short term solution to businesses looking to secure funding to bridge a gap between income waves. In general, these loans are aimed at companies wanting to invest in property projects and developments, but may also be used for other business activity depending on the applicant’s needs.

An unsecured short term loan is a funding option designed to help businesses who may not have the assets required for a secured loan, or who may not be willing to risk any of the business or personal property. They tend to feature higher interest rates as the risk is left with the lender, but can be a quick, short-term solution for companies that need a simple financial boost in the short-term.

Invoice finance is a way for businesses to secure funding through their own assets with very little risk. If your company has repeating invoices or money due in the next financial term, you could be eligible for invoice finance. This will give you an advance on any invoice funds due in the future, so you can never borrow more than you know you will be receiving.

If you’re looking to compare working capital loans, our iFunds matching technology will provide you with a list of the best lenders to suit your business and your financial situation. Simply fill in the form, and we’ll do the rest.