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  1. Tell us about your business

    Input some basic details about your business, such as entity, turnover, loan amount required and its purpose.

  2. iFunds matching technology

    Our state of the art matching platform will match your business against thousands of potential lenders and facilities. Showing you your eligibility status, and amounts available (without a credit check). Just choose your preferred lender, and we’ll do the rest.

  3. Upload your documents

    Your endorsed lenders credit team will require evidence of your businesses turnover and affordability for underwriting purposes. Upload your supporting docs, or connect via OpenBanking for immediate decisioning.

  4. Monitor your application

    Our online client portal allows you to stay updated on your application's status, receive updates via our iOS app and communicate directly with lenders.

  5. Receive your funds

    Our customer success team ensure you receive your funds immediately. Our fastest recorded application to funds drawn is 2:17. So you can get back to doing what you do best, running your business!

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High street

Barclays Lloyds Bank Natwest Royal Bank of Scotland Santander

Challenger banks

Aldermore Atom Bank Interbay Commercial Metro Bank Paragon Shawbrook Bank

Alternative lending market

Iwoca Bibby Financial Services Newable inFund esme Just Cashflow fleximize

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We've helped 1000's of Businesses like yours realise their potential

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Asset Finance

Asset Finance solutions allow your business to free up much needed capital to help accelerate business growth. We offer competitive funding packages, Hire Purchase, Asset Purchase or Refinance, and everything in between.

Bridging Loans

A Bridging Loan is a short term funding option, mainly used on development and property projects, but can also be utilised for business loan purposes. Due to it being short term, interest is quoted on a monthly rate.

Business Overdrafts

Business Overdrafts are used to fund short term cash flow shortages, they allow you to maintain control, and allow for flexible or interest only repayments. Used correctly, these can be the financial lifeline of a business.

Card Machine Cash Advance

Using a PDQ Card Machine? Access the largest panel of business and merchant cash advance lenders, who lend money against card transactions. Regardless of credit score, or residential status. Borrow up to 200% of monthly turnover, and only pay back on what you earn.

Commercial Mortgages

With the largest variety of high street, boutique and independent commercial mortgage providers and property lenders. Our technology and experience allows us to secure the very best commercial mortgage and refinancing rates, secured by property across a wide range of business areas.

Invoice Finance

Invoice Financiers will fund your unpaid invoices, at a rate of ~1-2% on the amount borrowed. Many businesses may have multiple terms with some suppliers. Invoice finance and factoring allow you to release that unpaid capital, enabling you to grow and fund your business.

Unsecured Business Loans

Think Business Loans are innovators in Unsecured business loans for all business types and sizes. We pride ourselves in finding our customers the best rates and terms, tailored specifically to their requirements. Access to the largest unsecured lending panel, our buying power allows our clients to receive exclusive rates and terms not available direct or via other comparison services.

Working Capital

With our highly competitive working capital solutions, decisions made within days, and funds in your account within 2 hours; react quickly to any investment or business opportunity.

4ED4A980-1367-4548-9284-3CBE142D6E3E Created with sketchtool. Matching Technology

Our iFunds technology is an Industry Leading Matching Platform that matches your criteria and searches over 200 lenders instantly.

We understand as a busy business owner your time is precious, and it typically takes around 3 short minutes to use our matching platform to Compare Business Loans, to help you search and compare over 200 commercial lenders, enabling you to genuinely assess ALL the best options for your business, finding you a genuine offer and rate instantly.

“That’s 3 minutes VS 180 hours applying directly to each lender”

We’re unlike other ‘Comparison Sites’, we understand your need to assess the ACTUAL options available to you, and not just a marketing list of lenders… we use real technology to connect our systems and website directly into every lender… allowing us to be the only online broker to offer you rates instantly.

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