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THINK Client Funding Platform

Connect & Match your Business to your Eligible Funding Options

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Think Client Funding Platform

Access your eligible funding options and applications


  • Monitor the progress of your current funding applications in real time

  • We will then be able to continually match you against your eligible lenders and amounts, instantly and in real time (without a credit check)

  • Our expert lending managers will call to finalise your on-boarding

The Benefits Of A Funding Platform For Your Business

Your Personal Business Funding Platform (powered by our iFunds lender matching technology) allows you to monitor the progression of your current finance applications in real-time, as well as enabling you to compare the best current business finance options for your business, based on real-time, live financial data.


Our business funding platform gives you quick, easy access to any loans which you have been matched to depending on eligibility. It’s never been more convenient to keep track of multiple loan applications at once, and our platform can allow you to keep an eye on the progress and status of any potential loans which you have applied for. Ease, convenience, speed and reliability are the main focuses for our business funding platform. Here are some of the benefits of using a funding platform for your business:


  • Speed – Through the use of this platform, you can benefit from fast access to all of your eligibility matches as they happen. Once you input your details, we are able to search for any business loans you might be eligible for, making the process of finding and securing a loan much more streamlined and therefore much faster.


  • Ease Of Access – Our business funding platform also offers ease of access to all of our clients so you can keep track of your applications with a simple to use system. All of your applications and all of the loans you’re eligible for will be listed, providing you with all of the information you require in one place. With this platform, you are able to see which loan applications are still processing and whether you’ve been accepted or rejected on any of your applications.


  • Convenience – Ease of access also lends itself to the convenience of the platform. This simple tool offers optimal convenience by compiling all of your applications in one place, so you can see which are close to completion, and if you’ve been rejected at any point during the application process.


  • Reliable Results – We pride ourselves on the accuracy of our platform. Through years of development, we’ve put together the THINK Business Funding Platform to provide you with simple, easy to understand results. Reliability is key when it comes to finding the most appropriate form of funding for your business, and the simple interface of our funding platform can help you.


Live Access to the Whole Market


Based on genuine real-time, live financial data, provided by yourself during a quick 5 min on-boarding call… our tech then combines that with API third party reach, connecting your bank account, companies house, and accountancy information, giving us the ability then to match your business against over 200 lenders and products, assessing eligibility, amount, and conditions in seconds, and at the touch of a button.


Allowing you to react to opportunities and unexpected surprises instantly, giving you peace of mind that your business is always financially ready.

You can also monitor the progress of your current finance applications in real-time via the platform, connecting directly with the lenders, ensuring the fastest and easiest underwriting and application process in the market.