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Commercial investment is an investment by an individual, institution or a group of investors in a for-profit business which is involved in the buying and/or selling of goods and/or services (e.g. shop, offices or Industrial Unit) with the expectation of generating cash flow. Real estate type properties such as hotels, industrial and apartment complexes are good examples of this type of investment.

Key factors of commercial investment is that the experience of the purchaser is important as some lenders prefer to lend to an investor who has previous experience of managing commercial investments, the length of the lease and whether this has any break clauses (either landlord or tenant – as provides an ability for the lease to end earlier than the total term of the lease), and the financial strength of the tenant.

The loan to values available on Commercial investment properties tend to be lower than on Owner Occupier mortgages – there are lenders who will look at 75%, but rates will tend to be higher starting at around 4% to 4.5% above Base Rate. Interest Only and Capital & Interest repayment options are available.

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